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Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Moldovan, Georgian, Turkish and Polish television without any satellite antenna in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco.

The service works in all EU countries and everywhere with an Internet connection. Even on a boat or a yacht. It’s the IPTV technology.

All you need is an Internet connection. If you don't have Internet, we will advise you a possible provider for your region. We will support you while ordering Internet, you won't have to do anything.

By subscribing, you obtain:

  • Russian and other channels on your TV.
  • Watch on 3 devices with one subscription
  • High image quality thanks to modern technology
  • Most of the channels are not available in Europe via satellite
  • Ability to watch on Moscow time or delayed from 1 to 11 hours
  • Works at any location with an Internet connection
  • Recorded programs are avaible for two weeks
  • The weather doesn’t affect the signal quality
  • Wired and Wi-Fi connections
  • Built-in TV program
  • Movies in HD and 3D for free
  • Technical Support 24/7

Polsky TV pack availble, over 60 channels, enquire us for details and channels list.

You want to know more about it right now? Call us at +32 487 356 754 (Gsm/Vibder/WhatsApp) or send an e-mail to info @

No extra payments! One subscription for 100% uptime. No minimum contract. You can just buy one month subscription and choose after whether to extend. 

Subscribe and you will be pleasantly surprised. Trust only the professionals!

Extra! At the first connection, you do not need to buy a subscription. All receivers come with a free subscription for 3 days.

Price list from 01/05/2019 in EUR Tax included:

KARTINA TV - More than 160 channels at any location in th world, 14 days replay

Abonnements Kartina TV

  • Subscription 30 days: 20,00 EUR
  • Subscription 90 days: 60,00 EUR
  • Subscription 180 days: 110,00 EUR
  • Subscription 1 year: 190,00 EUR

Receivers Kartina TV

  • Kartina X Android (based on Dune HD) Lan/Wi-fi HDMI: € 70,00
  • Comigo Quattro Smart TV Android Lan/Wi-Fi HD HDMI Skype Chrome Youtube:  € 50,00

Kartina TV Accessories

  • Remote Control for Dune HD or Comigo: 20,00 EUR delivery included


AVOV TV - Over 300 channels, HD et 3D, 14 days replay, an enormous video archive 

Subscriptions AVOV TV

  • Subscription 31 days: 20,00 EUR
  • Subscription 93 days: 60,00 EUR
  • Subscription 186 days: 110,00 EUR
  • Subscription 1 year: 190,00 EUR

Receivers AVOV TV

  • AVOV TV Linux box: 70,00 EUR
  • Dune HD 175 4K: 120,00 EUR​
  • Dune HD Solo Lite 4K: 180,00 EUR
  • Dune HD Pro 4K: 210,00 EUR

Do-It-Yourself easy installation

Connecting the receiver is quite easy. HDMI cable on your TV, network cable on LAN, power-cable. And follow on screen instructions. First screen is how you want to connect to Internet, you can choose LAN or Wi-Fi. I strongly recommend connecting by LAN-cable. Once Internet is on, a possible firmware update will start, the receiver will restart. Correct Time Zone and type in subscription details. This is it.


Optional installation material

  • Extra HDMI cable: 10,00 EUR
  • Extra Ethernet cable 10m: 10,00 EUR
  • Extra Ethernet cable 20m:  20,00 EUR
  • *Homeplug Powerline adapter 2-pack 600-1200 Mbit/s: 80,00-100,00 EUR
  • ** System Wi-Fi Mesh covers up to 600m²: 210,00 EUR


*Powerline Network adapters are used to transfer Internet over the existing powerline of your home, no need to pull a very long networl cable. Just plug in the adapters and you have Internet in any room, any distance of your home. Very fast, convenient and aesthetically pleasing.


**** The new generation Mesh Wi-Fi system covers up to 600 m², a super wireless internet signal in all corners of your house / apartment, in the garden, in the garage. Excellent Wi-Fi signal on all devices. We'll set everything up for you and set it right. The coverage area can be more if needed. The system processes 30 or more connections simultaneously without losing the signal for each device and without bugging the Internet, as is usually the case with a standard router.


Delivery costs

  • Delivery Belgium Bpost 24h :  € 10,00
  • Delivery Belgium Kiala:  € 10,00
  • Delivery Netherlands / France / Luxemburg / Germany / GB /  with Track & Trace online:  € 15,00

Home installation by a professional, prices per region:

  • Antwerpen 60,00 EUR
  • Brabant-Wallon  60,00 EUR
  • Bruxelles  50,00 EUR
  • Hainaut  80,00 EUR
  • Liège  80,00 EUR
  • Limburg  80,00 EUR
  • Luxembourg  90,00 EUR
  • Namur  80,00 EUR
  • Oost-Vlaanderen  80,00 EUR
  • Vlaams-Brabant  60,00 EUR
  • West-Vlaanden  80,00 EUR


For other countries and regions, please contact us.



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