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How to buy a new Kartina TV or AVOV TV subscription?

If you wish to renew your subscription, choose your subscription and transfer the corresponding amount to one of our bank accounts. You will find our banking details in the menu "Contact"

1 year: 190,00 EUR
1 month: 20,00 EUR
3 months: 60,00 EUR
​6 months: 110,00 EUR

We also accept other payment methods.

For Kartina TV subscription.
When making your bank transfer, in the communication field, enter your mobile phone number + the word "Kartina". As soon as your transfer is received, you will receive an SMS with the access codes of the chosen subscription.

Important - Don't forget to enter your mobile phone number (example "0487356754 or +32487356754").  

As soon as your transfer is received, the subscription number and its password are sent by SMS to the number indicated.

For AVOV TV subscription.
When making your bank transfer, in the communication field, enter your LOGIN, the one your have received from us.

We accept following means of payement: cash, regula bank transfer, Paypal, WebMoney and Western Union.

For Paypal, plese contact us first to get final price Paypal fees included.
Our Paypal address is: info @

Processing of payments:

- Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00
- on weekends only when possible

Trust the professional only.